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Monash Health

Monash Health

Australia’s first COVID-19 RESUS Medical Facility at Monash Health was built within 3 weeks, with the modular infrastructure built and installed by SPACECUBE within 15 hours. The facility was built using 25 cubes, spanning 360sqm over two-levels, and housing six negative pressure resuscitation beds; a nurse’s station; medication room; and utilities. SPACECUBE contributed towards the value of the project by incorporating amenities and a staff break room to support the critical medical team. Within one week of being briefed, our team had finalised the design, received approvals and begun installation of the RESUS Unit by reusing our versatile infrastructure from the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix and Melbourne Cup Carnival. SPACECUBE’s modular flat-packable design and speedy deployment means Monash Health now has a future-proof solution ready to install for similar outbreaks. Big thanks to Aurecon for believing in our product and partnering with SPACECUBE to make this happen.


    25 x Cubes and 1 x Switchback Stair Module


    Monash Hospital, Melbourne

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