Modular Structures for Events and Brand Activations

Immersive, Unforgettable And Engaging Experiences Connecting People With Brands

relocatable + reconfigurable + reusable
High Emotional Reactions Through Effective Interactions

We will help you invoke a high emotional response with your campaign to ensure that people have connected with your brand and walked away having profoundly experienced it from within. We understand the importance of making the right kind of impact so that your brand sticks firmly in their mind for a significant period of time. Let us help you raise your brand awareness and open a two-way dialogue with potential customers about your brand. Work with us to make your events incapable of being forgotten by maximising your clients’ delight, experience and involvement.

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We Partner With Agencies
& Event Organisers To Create Unforgettable Experiences

SPACECUBE’s innovative product design and the ability for all modular buildings to be flat-packed, relocated, reconfigured and reused, along with 100% of the structural build components being reusable, makes it a highly sustainable temporary building solution that reduces time on site, waste and fit-out materials that are used with traditional building methods.

Temporary Structures for Events

GH Mumm Spacecube Modular Structure
Spacecube Modular Structure
Brands We Work With
Connect Through Meaningful Experiences
We are experts in creating impactful brand and event experiences. Our state-of-the-art technology, exceptional team and processes will help you create the reality you seek to trigger the impacts and experiences you aim for.
Our bespoke structures, and the process behind creating them are the key to those experiences. From project deployment to set up before the event or post-event disassembly – here is why our partners work with us to bring their bespoke outcomes to life.
On-Brand Solutions

Plug-n-play modular components and accessories allow brands to easily create 'bespoke' outcomes using off-the-shelf product.

Efficient Project Management

Our experienced team and streamlined processes ensure efficient and on-time project delivery, giving you or your clients peace of mind.

Experienced Execution Team

Our highly experienced team are passionate about executing ambitious ideas and turning challenging briefs into a reality on-site.

Reliable and Responsive

We pride ourselves on consistently delivering challenging projects within tight deadlines to meet our clients' objectives.

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Quality Control

Off-site prefabrication within a controlled environment allows for greater quality and control.

Complete Flexibility

Whether it is change of use, functionality or site conditions our highly versatile system can easily adapt to overcome any challenges.

Reduction of time on-site

Prefabrication and modular construction allows for quicker installation and removal from site.

Endless Customisations

Our structures can be customised to multiple clients or events providing you with significant cost and time efficiencies.

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Client Testimonials
City of Melbourne
“A massive thanks to the team at Spacecube for their hard work, flexibility, diligence and ‘never give up’ attitude in delivering the MFW Melbourne Town Hall Forecourt. The project was no easy feat, and with what seemed like a roadblock at every turn, the team had the knowledge they needed to get the job done and were a huge support to me personally.”
Jacinta White
Senior Events Coordinator | Melbourne Fashion Week | City of Melbourne
Land Rover Polo
“Amazing product, next level in outdoor structures for events. I will always choose Spacecube over a traditional marquee. The versatility and the easy of applying custom panel/ finishes ensured that each activation looks different from the last.”
Celia Yau
@thomson street
TLA Australia
“Through the Spacecube product, we were able to bring a concept to life that had previously never been done in Australia. We were able to work with the Spacecube team from concept generation to Event delivery. Spacecube’s ability to understand what the client wanted and find a unique way to deliver it was exceptional.”.
Tom Fitzgerald
TLA Worldwide
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