Events, Brand Activations, Retail & Exhibitions

Spacecube provide endless scope to build or customise the ultimate temporary or semi-permanent modular event structures.

The clever modular design, coupled with its high-quality finish, delivers a standout environment to entertain and enhance the brand experience.


  • Brand Activations
  • Major Events
  • Sponsorship Hospitality
  • Retail Pop-up
  • Exhibitions
  • Product Displays
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Property display suites, airport infrastructure & broadcasting facilities

Spacecube’s highly engineered modular building system delivers the essential building block to create an infinite range of architecture for commercial or residential developments.

The flat-packable system can be delivered and constructed in any location, quickly, efficiently and economically. It can also be seamlessly integrated with traditional building techniques.


  • Pre-engineered
  • Flat-packable for cost effective transport to site
  • Fast onsite construction
  • Customisable + Reconfigurable + Relocatable
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Rapid Deployment Modular Infrastructure

Spacecube’s modular system is quick to deploy and can be installed in car parks, outside medical centres or public areas to minimise pressure on existing facilities or medical services.


  • Temporary hospitals
  • Medical clinics
  • Testing stations
  • Screening or isolation pods
  • Quarantine facilities
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Hospitality Outdoor Dining Modules

Spacecube’s outdoor dining system is the perfect solution for any hospitality service looking to create a unique, customisable and relocatable space.

The flat-packable system can be delivered and constructed in any location, quickly, efficiently and economically.


  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Bars
  • Wineries
  • Serveries
  • Cafe Carts
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Architecturally designed, relocatable dwellings

Spacecube’s unique approach and proposition for the Adaptable Living range is based around the adaptability of each dwelling. This is achieved via a highly versatile ‘modular’ chassis which enables future reconfiguration by easily adding additional modules in order to increase living space or add bedrooms. This makes it a future proof asset that can evolve (or adapt) as circumstances or geographical location change.


  • Luxury retreats
  • Vineyard escapes
  • Boutique tourism accommodation
  • Co-living spaces
  • Holiday rentals
  • Short-term dwellings on vacant land
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See how Spacecube is transported, unloaded and assembled. How units can be combined or stacked together to form almost any shape or configuration. See also a range of different panel options and architectural enhancements available.

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Modular Building Solutions

SPACECUBE’s modular building system provides architects, designers and creatives a highly resolved customisable solution for any temporary or semi-permanent infrastructure projects or developments. Whether it’s temporary structures for events, hospitality, medical or commercial applications such as relocatable or portable buildings, there is a growing demand for a premium, temporary infrastructure solution that is quick to deploy and install.

SPACECUBE’s modular building system is highly versatile and has been designed to adapt to various environments and uses due to its reconfigurable and reusable nature. Most importantly it is changing the way people build by reducing the onsite waste that comes from more traditional building methods.

SPACECUBE is a pre-engineered flat-packable system that is relocatable, reconfigurable and reusable, making it a more sustainable way of building.

SPACECUBE’s products have been proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in Victoria, Australia since 2012. In that time, the product has been used in a variety of ways to include:

Modular building solutions for semi-permanent buildings and temporary infrastructure

Modular building solutions for semi-permanent buildings and temporary infrastructure that is quick to deploy, ensuring briefs are turned around quickly and projects delivered on time or within short time frames.

Temporary structures for events, brand activations and exhibitions

Customisable temporary structures for events and brand activations which allows for flexibility to create on-brand bespoke spaces previously restricted to permanent builds.

Large temporary structures for major events

Large scale temporary structures for major events, with visualisations and technical drawings provided by SPACECUBE’s proven and experienced design team.

Relocatable temporary structures for broadcasting facilities and retail pop-ups

Pushing the boundaries to think outside the box to deliver exceptional temporary structures for remote broadcasting facilities, outdoor media and retail pop-ups.

Customised modular buildings for property display suites and airport infrastructure

Modular portable buildings for property display suites and airport infrastructure, bringing a level of permanency to the temporary world.

Portable buildings for medical and commercial applications

Prefabricated modular buildings for medical and commercial infrastructure applications,allowing quick deployment and erection on site.

Rapid deployment modular infrastructure for emergency services and disaster relief

Responding quickly to emergency response and disaster relief with SPACECUBE’s rapid deployment modular infrastructure.

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