At Spacecube we’re committed to fostering a workspace that’s uniquely us

We love great ideas at Spacecube, in fact you could say our business has been built on them. That’s why in our factory, warehouse and office, every single voice, no matter who speaks it, carries the exact same weight. Because the greatest ideas don’t come from one person. They come from multiple people. People with a vast array of minds, backgrounds, orientations, and experiences who are all pretty damn passionate about what we are doing.

But that’s enough from us, let’s hear it from the team themselves who make Spacecube what it is.

What Our Team is Saying
"The Spacecube environment actually reminded me that I had a voice. After experiencing discrimination across my previous employers, Spacecube was the first to celebrate what I could bring to the table, and make me feel truly as if I had a voice worth listening to”
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“The Diner is a workspace quite like no other, it doesn’t always feel like an office, and it sometimes takes more sacrifices to keep its charm. But no matter the growing pain, management is always the first to cop it on their chin to keep things peachy”
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Diversity, equity, and inclusion aren’t a bunch of words we found definitions for to parade around and preach, they’re values that keep our ship afloat. In fact, we’ve made it a Spacecube practice to hire on character and values and train up skills if we need to.

Without diverse, comfortable teams, there are no great ideas. There is no challenging the norm. There is no questioning the status quo. There is no Spacecube.

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The Spacecube Team: anything but ordinary.

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