SPACECUBE CEO, Mark Davies, reflects on his time spent in the UK

SPACECUBE CEO, Mark Davies, reflects on his time spent in the UK

My first Goodwood Festival of Speed and I was very impressed. I am not a car person, but I love events. When people get together to socialise, interact, and engage I think it is special. If we don’t appreciate that after the last few years than you never will. I have been to and worked at plenty of events, too many to count. There is an energy. Goodwood FOS has that energy and is well organised and the brands engage at a volume that is rarely seen. Tickets are in hot demand, and most are sold out. Last week 1m people went to a music event in the UK. I was one of them and was very lucky to see Bruce Springsteen at BST Hyde Park on top of the Ultimate bar, a temporary modular structure by SPACECUBE.

Meanwhile Silverstone F1, I was able to be one of the 480,000 that broke the attendance record for the event. Wimbledon is near complete and has had huge attendance too where it is tough to get a ticket. This week the FIFA Women’s World Cup kicks off and in Australia tickets sales have been high and will make it the highest attended female event in history. Not to mention a difficult topic in my home and many others – trying to get Taylor Swift tickets!

Events and the desire for people to socialise and engage seems at an all-time high. We all keep an eye on the economy, and it has had an impact on the vast majority with inflation and interest rates, but we are witnessing record crowds and demand.

Perhaps after the last few years we have not only learned the importance of social interaction, but now desire it. Despite the macro-economic environment, people are choosing to prioritise social engagement. Metrics over the last month but even over the last year support this. The importance of events and placemaking in the community and commercial space may never have been more relevant. The joy, engagement and even escapism that public gatherings create is in hot demand and to me that is what being part of the community is.

Being and interacting with people makes us human, whether at events or at the office with my team. Seeing or hearing something different or exciting is interesting. To get outside your own bubble. I don’t get that same emotion with being at home, especially WFH, so I look forward to seeing you at the office or at the next event!


Over 20 years of experience as a leader in the events and entertainment industry. Mark has strategically led and motivated the SPACECUBE team through an incredibly challenging climate, from the impacts of COVID-19 through to extreme weather-related events and disasters.

* Since Mark wrote this article some stats have been released:

Wimbledon 2023 record attendance

Formula 1 British Grand Prix 2023 record attendance at Silverstone despite the price increase

1M people at events in the UK 2023


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