SPACECUBE gives clients ultimate flexibility when looking to build any immediate or semi-permanent infrastructure. SPACECUBE enables rapid deployment of existing infrastructure that has recently played a pivotal role in urgent healthcare demands through to essential services in flood effected communities such as Lismore, where SPACECUBE installed an operational temporary bank for Westpac Australia. Two cubes were used to create customer service meeting rooms and a back of house office and break room for staff.

SPACECUBE is a highly versatile modular building system designed to be relocated, reused and reconfigured. Whether it’s for major events, hospitality, healthcare or commercial infrastructure, SPACECUBE’s unique building system is a premium solution that is pre-engineered, quick to deploy, flat-packable, and completely reconfigurable.

SPACECUBE aim to change the way the world builds by designing, engineering and delivering infrastructure that has more than one life and highlighting the benefits of sustainability, reusability and efficiency.


4 x Cubes and External Stair Module


Lismore, NSW, Australia

SC System

SPACECUBE’s temporary modular building system
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