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Spacecube Benefits

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Spacecube provides a highly engineered modular building solution with a range of finishes and unique architectural enhancements.

Remarkably Simple & Quick to Install

Its modular construction and practical design enables simple and seamless installation on any site or location.

Cleverly Designed in Australia

Designed and manufactured from the ground up in Australia using the highest quality materials and fabrication principles.

Ingenious Flat-Pack Design

Spacecubes ingenious flat-pack design features a neat and economical solution for transportation, warehousing and onsite construction.

Highly Engineered & Certified

Engineered to the highest standards to meet the most exacting local and international design and construction standards.

Completely Customisable To Suit Any Application

Spacecubes unique modular design provides the necessary building blocks for endless creativity across multiple applications.

Reusable, Energy Efficient & Low Carbon Impact

Unlike many temporary building solutions, Spacecubes can be used in a range of different configurations, time and time again. So no wastage and no continuing impact on our environment.

Limitless Building Options & Possibilities

Spacecube allows for an endless range of build options, from single stand alone units to numerous units across multiple levels.

Cost Efficient Storage & Transportation

Spacecubes are cost effective to store and transport between locations due to their unique flat-packable design, which allows up to eight units to travel on the one semi-trailer.

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