COVID and the Events Industry


The events industry has been hit incredibly hard by the impacts of the Covid-19. While we do not know what the future holds, I have worked in the sports and events industry for 20 years and know that the people in this community are very capable of adapting to change, swiftly.

No event is perfect and varying influences from stakeholders and external factors influence every event. Being able to adapt to change and not running to plan is a prerequisite to your job of being in the event industry.

This week has been especially hard day for so many people in the event industry.

As we bump-out our unused Spacecube’s temporary building system at Albert Park after the Australian Grand Prix was cancelled, among many major events, and I talk with people in the industry, the reality of this challenging time really sinks in.

We have regrettably had to inform all of our casual staff that there is no more work available after we finish bumping out of Albert Park until further notice. All the people connected to Spacecube mean the world to us and we are saddened to be making these decisions.

However, we are not the only business having to make these tough calls.

We do know that the events industry will survive and we look forward to re-engaging the staff when it does bounce back.

It is during these unprecedented times, that we need to come together to combat COVID-19. At Spacecube, we want to be part of the solution. We feel we can assist with the growing situation by providing highly versatile temporary infrastructure that can be quickly deployed to relieve some pressure from existing medical facilities.

So, we have designed pop-up clinics, testing stations and hospitals to tackle the COVID-19 public health crisis.  These are now ready and available for immediate deployment.

Our customisable pop-up clinics can be designed, delivered and installed in less than 24 hours to accommodate a range of health services as the country braces itself to combat COVID-19.

Spacecube is also working to develop modular solutions that can be set-up in car parks or vacant spaces as temporary hospitals and health clinics to combat the overflow of patients that is expected.

We have even put forward concepts of drive-through testing stations, which could be setup to test suspecting patients whilst in their car, in order to relive congestion.

We encourage everyone in the events industry to join us in putting forward innovative solutions that could assist the community during this crisis. The faster we get through this challenge, the faster the industry can get back to the exciting, inspiring and thriving industry that it can be.

We also encourage everyone to support their local suppliers during this challenging time to ensure your favourite business partners survive.

Some believe Charles Darwin said it best: “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”

Our thoughts at Spacecube are with everyone who is affected and wish them all the very best in getting through this crisis.


Over 20 years of experience as a leader in the events and entertainment industry. Mark has strategically led and motivated the SPACECUBE team through an incredibly challenging climate, from the impacts of COVID-19 through to extreme weather-related events and disasters.


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