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What a privilege it was for SPACECUBE to provide the modular building system for Mastercard's brand activation space at this year's Australian Open. Standing proudly at 6m tall, within the Grand Slam Oval, it was an eye-catching build not to be missed! Wrapped using a reflective window tint and built using ten cubes, four mini cubes, a two-metre stair module and two mezzanine sections, this temporary modular building was the perfect activation space for the Mastercard 'Breakthrough Room' six-minute challenge. Upstairs also featured a contemporary conference room and facilities and was perfectly managed by the team at Republic Events Australia Pty Ltd.


    10 x Cubes, 4 x Mini Cubes, 1 x 2m Stair Module, 2 x Mezzanine Sections


    Australian Open, Grand Slam

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