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Beulah International

In June 2018, ODO was commissioned to design an ephemeral pavilion as part of the Southbank by Beulah International Architectural competition. The Pavilion hosted the presentations by internationally-renown architects over several days and became a public display of the submitted schemes over a 2 week period. The pavilion was designed to be assembled on site in 48 hours and this is where SPACECUBE came in to play. With our flat-packable, modular cubes, we were able to engineer and configure the build, which was fabricated offsite, to suit time and budgetary constraints, as well as reduce the cost and environmental impact of a short-term building. The build has been nominated as a Finalist in the Architizer A+ Awards, under the Pop-up and Temporary Category Globally!


    Southbank, Melbourne


    4 x Cubes

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