Australian Open Broadcasting

It was a privilege to be involved in the 2023 Australian Open. Tennis Australia engaged SPACECUBE to supply and build a temporary multi-level modular building to house local and international broadcast, media, technical operations and support teams. Adapted from last year’s broadcasting facility and reconfigured to create a larger space.

Designed with functionality in mind, this three-storey, more than 3,000 sqm reusable building, was built using 94 cubes and 44 Mezzanines modules. This expansive temporary building was able to be built in such a large scale with the use of SPACECUBE’s mezzanine product and has the ability to be reconfigured each year.

Within the building were broadcast production rooms, technical equipment and cable housing areas, internal offices and meeting rooms. It was onsite for the duration of this year’s tournament and showcases the versatility of SPACECUBE’s highly engineered modular building system. A fully customisable system that can be reconfigured + relocated + reused.


94 x Cubes and 44 x Mezzanines Modules


Melbourne, Australia

SC System

SPACECUBE’s temporary modular building system
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