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How it works

Step 1

Flat-packed units containing all panels and doors are delivered directly to site via trucks. A total of eight flat-packed Spacecubes can be delivered on one semi-trailer. Once onsite each unit will be lifted off the truck and into position onsite using a suitable crane.

Step 2

Once unloaded and level onsite, with use of the crane, each flat-pack will be dismantled by un-bolting the transport posts and lifting the roof.

Step 3

Each frame is assembled by erecting the four columns and then lowering the roof into position. Once the frame is square the unit is bolted back together.

Step 4

Once the frame has been assembled the panels and doors can easily be installed into their desired location. The selection of panels range from glass doors and windows with aluminium framing through to cladded solid panels, louvers or balustrades.


Highly engineered 5kpa base and flat-packable frame

Quality 8mm toughened glass

Natural anodised aluminium window and door framing

Robust 28mm structural sub floor

Integrated ceiling with negative detail joins and 10 x LED down-lights

Demountable columns with internal drainage down-pipes


Subtle but reliable waterproofing gasket

Slimline column connector plates to dictate optimum spacing between units

Discrete locating feet to level the units and disburse water drainage

Custom stainless steel bolt detailing

High quality lockable sliding door options


Integrated internal modular staircase

Crafted stainless steel staircase balustrade and handrails

Open-air roof terrace or balcony module

High impact resistant balustrade system with glass infill panels


Cutting edge solar power options designed to power the units off the grid

Automatic louver sunroof system, designed to control roof top sunlight and airflow

Highly engineered 5kp frames to allow three level stacking

Aluminium, timber or powder-coated shutter options

Insulated EPS solids wall panel options for easy cladding

Spacecube Benefits

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Spacecube provides a highly engineered modular building solution with a range of finishes and unique architectural enhancements.

Remarkably Simple & Quick to Install

Its modular construction and practical design enables simple and seamless installation on any site or location.

Cleverly Designed in Australia

Designed and manufactured from the ground up in Australia using the highest quality materials and fabrication principles.

Ingenious Flat-Pack Design

Spacecubes ingenious flat-pack design features a neat and economical solution for transportation, warehousing and onsite construction.

Highly Engineered & Certified

Engineered to the highest standards to meet the most exacting local and international design and construction standards.

Completely Customisable To Suit Any Application

Spacecubes unique modular design provides the necessary building blocks for endless creativity across multiple applications.

Reusable, Energy Efficient & Low Carbon Impact

Unlike many temporary building solutions, Spacecubes can be used in a range of different configurations, time and time again. So no wastage and no continuing impact on our environment.

Limitless Building Options & Possibilities

Spacecube allows for an endless range of build options, from single stand alone units to numerous units across multiple levels.

Cost Efficient Storage & Transportation

Spacecubes are cost effective to store and transport between locations due to their unique flat-packable design, which allows up to eight units to travel on the one semi-trailer.

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